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  • Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon 

    Layka, Vishal (2013)
    Web frameworks are playing a major role in the creation of today's most compelling web applications, because they automate many of the tedious tasks, allowing developers to instead focus on providing users with creative ...
  • Beginning Haskell: A Project-Based Approach 

    Serrano Mena, Alejandro (2014)
    Beginning Haskell provides a broad-based introduction to the Haskell language, its libraries and environment, and to the functional programming paradigm that is fast growing in importance in the software industry. The book ...
  • Beginning FPGA 

    Pang, Aiken; Membrey, Peter (2017)
    Use Arrow's affordable and breadboard-friendly FPGA development board (BeMicro MAX 10) to create a light sensor, temperature sensor, motion sensor, and the KITT car display from Knight Rider. You don't need an electronics ...
  • Beginning Google Glass Development 

    Tang, Jeff (2014)
    Beginning Google Glass Development is your number one resource for learning how to develop for Google Glass - the paradigm-shifting mobile computing platform taking the world by storm now and for years to come. Mobile ...
  • Beginning Fedora Desktop 

    Petersen, Richard (2014)
    Beginning Fedora Desktop: Fedora 20 Edition is a complete guide to using the Fedora 20 Desktop Linux release as your daily driver for multimedia, productivity, social networking, the GNOME 3 desktop, administrative tasks, ...

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