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    • United States Copyright Law 

      Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press (Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press, 1998)
      Chapter 1. Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright. Chapter 2. Copyright Ownership and Transfer. Chapter 3. Duration of Copyright. Chapter 4. Copyright Notice, Deposit, and Registration. Chapter 5. Copyright Infringement and ...
    • Beginning Linux Programming, Second Edition 

      Matthew, Neil; Stones, Richard; Matthew, Neil; Stones, Richard (Wrox Press, 2000)
      In this book, we aim to give you an introduction to a wide variety of topics important to you as a developer using UNIX. The wordBeginningin the title refers more to the you a good 'beginning' in each subject.already. UNIX ...
    • Linux Kernel Procfs Guide 

      Mouw, Erik; Mouw, Erik (2001)
      This guide describes the use of the procfs file system from within the Linux kernel. The idea to write this guide came up on the #kernelnewbies IRC channel (see, when Jeff Garzik explained ...
    • United States Trademark Law 

      Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press (Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press, 2002)
      Chapter 1: The Principal Register. Chapter 2: The Supplemental Register. Chapter 3: General Provisions. Chapter 4: The Madrid Protocol.
    • Xóa mù Linux. Cài đặt và sử dụng Fedora Core 2 

      Nguyễn Đức, Kính; Nguyễn Đức, Kính (2004)
      Linux là một hệ điều hành. Về mặt nguyên tắc hệ điều hành cũng là một ứng dụng máy tính nhưng đây là một ứng dụng đặc biệt – được dùng để quản lý, điều phối các tài nguyên của hệ thống (bao gồm cả phần cứng và các phần mềm ...
    • Koha A Newbie’s Guide 

      Johnson, BWS; Johnson, BWS (2005)
      This guide is meant for people brand new to Koha. This guide is for people that aren’t on any automated library system whatsoever. That’s right kiddies, it’s for folks that covet stamper, card catalogue, and typewriter. ...
    • Pocket Linux Guide 

      Horton, David; Horton, David (2005)
      The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested in learning the techniques of building a GNU/Linux system from source code. The guide is structured as a project that builds a small diskette−based GNU/Linux system called ...
    • Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition 

      Corbet, Jonathan; Rubini, Alessandro; Hartman, Greg Kroah; Corbet, Jonathan; Rubini, Alessandro; Hartman, Greg Kroah (O’Reilly Media, Inc, 2005)
      This edition contains quite a bit of new material relevant to the 2.6 kernel. The dis-cussion of locking and concurrency has been expanded and moved into its own chapter. The Linux device model, which is new in 2.6, is ...
    • Hướng dẫn sử dụng X Unikey 

      Phạm, Kim Long; Phạm, Kim Long (2005)
      Hướng dẫn sử dụng X Unikey. Phương pháp nhập dữ liệu Tiếng Việt cho X Window.
    • Ubuntu Server Guide 

      Ubuntu Documentation Project; Ubuntu Documentation Project (2006)
      The Ubuntu Server Guidecontains information on how to install and configure various server applications on your Ubuntu system to fit your needs. It is a step-by-step, task-oriented guide for configuring and customizing ...
    • Owasp testing guide 

      Williams, Jeff; Williams, Jeff (2006)
      The problem of insecure software is perhaps the most important technical challenge of our time. Security is now the key limiting factor on what we are able to create with information technology. At The Open Web Application ...
    • Sổ tay Ubuntu Desktop 6.06.1 L TS 

      Vũ, Đỗ Quỳnh; Lê, Xuân Thảo; Vũ, Đỗ Quỳnh; Lê, Xuân Thảo (2006)
      Hướng dẫn được trình bày trong các chương: Chương 1: về Ubuntu. Chương 2: Bổ sung, loại bỏ và nâng cấp phần mềm. Chương 3: Các ứng dụng thường gặp. Chương 4: Cấu hình cho hệ thống của bạn. Chương 5: Tìm thêm trợ giúp.
    • GNU Image Manipulation Program User Manual 

      Unknown author (2007)
      The GIMP is a multiplatform photo manipulation tool. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMP is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo retouching, image composition, and ...
    • Pseudo Stereovision System (PSVS): A Monocular Mirror-based Stereovision System 

      Pachidis, Theodore P. (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      A system for stereovision based on mirrors and a beam-splitter, was presented. PSVS, as it is called, is a low cost system with well-located features (accuracy, stability, compact construction). Equations and relations, ...
    • Image Processing Techniques for Unsupervised Pattern Classification 

      Botte-Lecocq, C.; Hammouche, K.; Moussa, A. (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      All the clustering methods presented in this chapter tend to generalize bi-dimensional procedures initially developed for image processing purpose. Among them, thresholding, edge detection, probabilistic relaxation, ...
    • A Sensors System for Indoor Localisation of a Moving Target Based on Infrared Pattern Recognition 

      Petrellis, Nikos; Konofaos, Nikos; Alexiou, George (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      A novel method for the indoor localisation of a target was presented in this chapter. This method is based on measuring the number of the digital infrared patterns received by the target in a specific time interval (success ...
    • Articulated Hand Tracking by ICA-based Hand Model and Multiple Cameras 

      Gang Xu, Makoto Kato; Chen, Yen-Wei (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      In this chapter, we proposed three new approaches, the ICA-based hand model, articulated hand motion tracking by multiple cameras, and Particle filtering with prediction. The ICA-based hand model is the ICA-based representation ...
    • Non-rigid Stereo-motion 

      Del Bue, Alessio; Agapito, Lourdes (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      The authors would like to thank the Royal Society European Science Exchange Programme, EPSRC Grant GR/S61539/01 and the Spanish Ministry of Science project TIC2002-00591 for financial support. Enrique Mu?oz, Jose Miguel ...
    • Projective Rectification with Minimal Geometric Distortion 

      Wu, Hsien-Huang P.; Chen, Chih-Cheng (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      This chapter presented a new way of parameterizing the homography, which leads to a new approach of projective rectification for stereo images. Compared with the previous works, the novelty of this new algorithm is that ...
    • A Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Vision System with a Single Camera 

      Yi, Sooyeong; Ahuja, Narendra (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2007)
      Wide field of view is the most attractive feature of the omnidirectional vision. There exist two approaches to omnidirectional stereo imaging with a single camera. They use: (1) a double lobed mirror (Fiala & Basu, ...