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      Gueguen, Yannick; Czorlich, Yann; Mastail, Max (2015)
      Cultured pearls are human creations formed by inserting a nucleus and a small piece of mantle tissue into a living shelled mollusc, usually a pearl oyster. Although many pearl observations intuitively suggest a possible ...
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      Bethell, Emily J.; Koyama, Nicola F. (2015)
      Recent developments in the study of animal cognition and emotion have resulted in the ‘judgement bias’ model of animal welfare. Judgement biases describe the way in which changes in affective state are characterized by ...
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      VanWoesik, R.; Golbuu, Y.; Roff, G. (2015)
      Since the Mid-Holocene, some 5000 years ago, coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean have been vertically constrained by sea level. Contemporary sea-level rise is releasing these constraints, providing accommodation space for ...