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    • G Protein Signaling: Methods and Protocols 

      Smrcka, Alan V. (Humana Press, 2010)
      The involvement of G protein coupled systems in a wide range of biological processes in organisms from yeast to man has generated a large degree of interest from both academic scientists and the pharmaceutical industries.
    • Ga hàng không quốc tế - Hải Phòng 

      Phạm, Phú Lượng (Đại học Dân lập Hải Phòng, 2014)
      Dự án “Ga Hàng Không Quốc Tế Hải Phòng” nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu to lớn về đi lại, vận chuyển hành khách, hàng hóa. Dự án được thiết lập để giảm tải cho sân bay quốc tế Nội Bài cũng như phục vụ cho hành khách trong và ngoài ...
    • Ga, Dầu Và Chất Tải Lạnh: Bảng Và Đồ Thị 

      Nguyễn, Đức Lợi (Giáo dục, 2009)
      Ga, dầu và chất tải lạnh (bảng và đồ thị).
    • Gabriel Ernest 

      Saki (2008)
      Trân trọng giới thiệu truyện ngắn Gabriel Ernest của tác giả Saki. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
    • Gabriel Marcel's Ethics of Hope: Evil, God and Virtue 

      Hernandez, Jill Graper (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2011)
      This book also uses for the first time in any published work research from the Gabriel Marcel Collection held at the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center. (Please see the bibliographic note for how I cite these unpublished ...
    • Gagaku Và Nhã Nhạc 

      Văn, Minh Hương (Thanh niên, 2008)
      Khái niệm nhã nhạc. Sơ lược lịch sử phát triển Gagaku và nhã nhạc. Tổ chức dàn nhạc. Những tương đồng và dị biệt.
    • Gai Của Hoa Hồng 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Trân trọng giới thiệu truyện ngắn Gai Của Hoa Hồng. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
    • Gai Hạnh Phúc 

      Tam Thanh (2010)
      Trân trọng giới thiệu truyện ngắn Gai Hạnh Phúc của tác giả Tam Thanh. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
    • Galivơ Du Ký 

      Swift, Jonathan (Văn Học, 2010)
      Trân trọng giới thiệu tiểu thuyết Galivơ Du Ký của tác giả Jonathan Swift. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
    • The Game Audio Tutorial: A Practical Guide to Sound and Music for Interactive Games 

      Stevens, Richard; Raybould, Dave (Focal Press, 2011)
      We wrote this book because we love games. We also love sound and music, and we love what they can bring to games to make them thrilling, involving, and moving. We want you to be able to try out your sound and your music ...
    • Game Development Essentials: An Introduction 

      Novak, Jeannie (Cengage Learning, 2011)
      GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS: AN INTRODUCTION, 3E is an authoritative, industry-driven introduction to the world of game development, with updates that keep readers current and well-prepared for a successful career in the ...
    • Game Development Tool Essentials 

      Berinstein, Paula (2014)
      Game Development Tool Essentials provides must-have tips and tricks from industry professionals for strengthening and streamlining your game tools pipeline. Everyone knows the game tools pipeline is important, but in the ...
    • Game Development with Construct 2: From Design to Realization 

      Stemkoski, Lee; Leider, Evan (2017)
      What You'll LearnCreate complete functional games using the Construct 2 game engine. Understand general logical structures underlying video game programs. Use practical game design advice (such as visual feedback and ...
    • Game Theory and the Humanities: Bridging Two Worlds 

      Brams, Steven J. (MIT Press, 2011)
      This imaginative and innovative book should appeal not only to those with an interest in the individual cases, stories, and plays, but also to philosophers, historians, theologians, literary critics, and some specialists ...
    • GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges 

      Tyers, Ben (2017)
      Push your GameMaker programming skills to the edge with 100 programming challenges using the popular GameMaker: Studio and GML. Each challenge includes an outline of the challenge, a scoring and time guide, useful GML code, ...
    • Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play 

      Ramsay, Morgan; Molyneux, Peter (2012)
      There are few companies in the video-game industry that have withstood the test of time, most startups exit as quickly as they enter. In Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play, the countless challenges of ...
    • Gangs of Russia: From the Streets to the Corridors of Power 

      Stephenson, Svetlana (Cornell University Press, 2015)
      Since their spectacular rise in the 1990s, Russian gangs have remained entrenched in many parts of the country. Some gang members have perished in gang wars or ended up behind prison bars, while others have made spectacular ...
    • Garner’s Modern English Usage 

      Garner, Bryan A. (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      With more than a thousand new entries and more than 2,300 word-frequency ratios, the magisterial fourth edition of this book-now renamed Garner's Modern English Usage (GMEU)-reflects usage lexicography at its finest. Garner ...
    • Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering 

      Calixto, Eduardo (Gulf Professional Publishing, 2012)
      The oil and gas industry is a competitive market that requires high performance in plants that can be translated to high availability, reliability, and maintainability for equipment. Today, this expectation of high reliability ...
    • Gas Dehydration Field Manual 

      Stewart, Maurice; Arnold, Ken (Gulf Professional Publishing, 2011)
      Most natural gas contains substantial amounts of water vapor due to the presence of connate water in the reservoir rock. At reservoir pressure and temperature, gas is saturated with water vapor. Removal of this water is ...