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    • Handbook of Research on Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning Outcomes 

      Chao, Lee (IGI Global, 2016)
      As technology advances, so must our education system. Cloud computing serves as an ideal method for e-learning thanks to its flexibility, affordability, and availability. Cloud-based learning is especially dynamic in STEM ...
    • Human Rights in Language and STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 

      Babaci-Wilhite, Zehlia (Sense Publishers, 2016)
      Human Rights in Language and STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
    • Improving K-12 STEM Education Outcomes through Technological Integration 

      Urban, Michael J.; Falvo, David A. (Information Science Reference, 2016)
      The application of technology in classroom settings has equipped educators with innovative tools and techniques for effective teaching practice. Integrating digital technologies at the elementary and secondary levels helps ...
    • Improving Urban Schools: Equity and Access in K-12 STEM Education for All Students 

      Capraro, Mary Margaret; Capraro, Robert M.; Lewis, Chance W. (Information Age Publishing, 2013)
      Although STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has been diversely defined by various researchers (e.g. Buck Institute, 2003; Capraro & Slough, 2009; Scott, 2009; Wolf, 2008), during the last decade, STEM ...
    • Innovative Professional Development Methods and Strategies for STEM Education 

      Dikilitas, Kenan (Information Science Reference, 2015)
      Professional development of educators is an complex process through which teachers strive continuously for pedagogical improvement. In that sense, professional growth benefits learners and teachers while also promoting the ...
    • Instructional Scaffolding in STEM Education: Strategies and Efficacy Evidence 

      Belland, Brian R. (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
      This book uses meta-analysis to synthesize research on scaffolding and scaffolding-related interventions in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Specifically, the volume examines the extent ...
    • Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education: Research Methods and Perspectives from Applied Linguistics 

      Curry, Mary Jane; Hanauer, David I. (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014)
      Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education brings together a range of applied linguistic researchers and projects that address the interface among language studies, science, engineering, and education. The book is ...
    • Philosophy of STEM Education: A Critical Investigation 

      Chesky, Nataly Z.; Wolfmeyer, Mark R. (Palgrave Macmillan US, 2015)
      Table of contents: Front Matter....Pages i-xiv. Introduction to STEM Education....Pages 1-16. STEM’s What, Why, and How? Ontology, Axiology, and Epistemology....Pages 17-43. Critical Inquiry into STEM Education....Pages ...
    • Prepare and Inspire: K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education for America’s Future 

      Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (US) (Executive Office of the President, 2010)
      Prepare and Inspire: K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education for America’s Future.
    • Risk Management of Education Systems: The Case of STEM Education in Israel 

      Zahav, Anat Even; Hazzan, Orit (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
      This work illustrates how risk management can be applied to educational systems in general, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in particular. The rationale for this approach stems from ...
    • Secondary STEM Educational Reform 

      Johnson, Carla C. (Palgrave Macmillan US, 2011)
      Table of contents: Front Matter....Pages i-xix. Creating a “STEM for All? Environment....Pages 1-24. The Importance of Up-Front Evaluation Planning Including Student Learning Outcomes....Pages 25-45. Science Cooperatives ...
    • STEM and ICT Education in Intelligent Environments 

      Kanematsu, Hideyuki; Barry, Dana M. (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
      This book combines information communication technology (ICT) with the creative interdisciplinary teaching approach known as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It introduces STEM and Creative Education ...
    • STEM Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications 

      Information Resources Management Association (IGI Global, 2015)
      Year after year, technology advances at an increasingly accelerated pace. In order to keep up with the demands of users and businesses alike, a comprehensive understanding of science and technology must be fostered in the ...
    • STEM Guides to Cooking 

      Robertson, Kay (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2013)
      People use math to work with food in all sorts of ways. When your parents buy food they use math to figure out exactly how much it will cost. You can use simple math to help your parents know how long the food in the ...
    • STEM Guides to Travel 

      Robertson, Kay (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2013)
      What does the word travel mean to you? Traveling is something people do all the time, both in small and big ways A means of traveling, or getting from one place to another, is a form of transportation.
    • STEM Jobs in Fashion and Beauty 

      Mooney, Carla (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2014)
      Would you like to work as a fashion designer using a computer program to design a dress for a Paris fashion show? How about a chemist testing different formulations for a new face cream? Or maybe a web designer creating ...
    • STEM Jobs in Food and Nutrition 

      Katirgis, Jane (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2014)
      Sit down at your dinner table and take a look at the food in front of you It may seem simple, but in reality, many people are hard at work making the food we eat every day Food chemists create new flavors for packaged food ...
    • STEM Jobs in Movies 

      Mooney, Carla (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2014)
      A computer animator creates a 3-D character for a feature flm A motion capture technician tracks an actor’s movement via a computer program A web developer creates an online portal where fans can watch movie trailers and ...
    • STEM Jobs in Music 

      Duke, Shirley (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2014)
      STEM jobs relate to many felds In music, the jobs range from developing new effects to recording performances STEM jobs meet needs people have It then allows them to work in a feld they enjoy Talent in music helps, but not ...
    • STEM Jobs in Sports 

      Raymos, Rick (Rourke Publishing and Rourke Educational Media, 2014)
      A nutritionist recommends a specialized diet for an Olympic athlete An engineer tests different materials to use in a new football helmet An electronics specialist designs a hockey puck that is easier to see on television ...