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    • Gestures expressing offensive and profane 

      Bùi, Thị Tuyết Mai (Đại học Dân lập Hải Phòng, 2009)
      With the reason that are mentioned above, the aims of the study are: Giving theoretical background of non verbal communication, especially gestures expressing offensive and profane. Explore the origins, uses, regional variations.
    • A study on difficulties in English speaking skill of the non-major students at Hai Phong Private University 

      Trịnh, Thị Phương Huyền (Đại học Dân lập Hải Phòng, 2019)
      To the non- English major, speaking English become the important factor, play an essential role in professional work environment. In fact, it is not easy to study well a foreign language like English. Almost students have ...