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    • 3D printing 

      O’neill, Terence; Williams, Josh (Cherry Lake Publishing, 2013)
      3D printers use designs made on computers to make three-dimensional objects right before your eyes. Three-dimensional objects are not flat like the words and images you print on paper. They are real-life objects that you ...
    • Idiot's Guides: 3D Printing 

      Coward, Cameron (Alpha, 2015)
      3D printing is the hottest new technology. It allows just about any at-home inventor, artist, or engineer to design, create, and "print" their own parts, artwork, or whatever else can be imagined — all at very reasonable ...
    • Make: 3D Printing Projects: Toys, Bots, Tools, and Vehicles To Print Yourself 

      Drumm, Brook (Maker Media, Inc, 2015)
      Even if you've never touched a 3D printer, these projects will excite and empower you to learn new skills, extend your current abilities, and awaken your creative impulses. Each project uses a unique combination of ...