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    • Nutritional Deficiency. Chapter 6: Anemia During Pregnancy 

      Adam, Ishag; Ali, Abdelaziem A. (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2016)
      Anemia during pregnancy is a considerable health problem, with around two-fifths of pregnant women worldwide being anemic. Many gynecological and infectious diseases are predisposing factors for anemia during pregnancy. ...
    • Nutritional Deficiency. Chapter 7: Malaria, Schistosomiasis, and Related Anemia 

      Gasim, Gasim I; Adam, Ishag (INTECH Open Access Publisher, 2016)
      Parasitic infections (e.g., malaria and helminthiases) have a huge impact on public health in endemic areas. Moreover, parasitic infestations are prominent causes of anemia in the tropics and subtropics, further perpetuated ...