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    • Fabric Printing at Home: Quick and Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects – Includes Print Blocks, Textures, Stencils, Resists, and More 

      Booth, Julie B. (Quarry Books, 2014)
      This book is dedicated to my mother, Janet, who always cheered me on in all my artistic endeavors. This book is also dedicated to my “boys.” To my husband Mark, my best friend and grounding force - thanks for keeping me ...
    • Fabrication and Self-Assembly of Nanobiomaterials. Applications of Nanobiomaterials Volume 1 

      Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai (William Andrew is an imprint of Elsevier, 2016)
      Fabrication and Self-Assembly of Nanobiomaterials presents the most recent findings regarding the fabrication and self-assembly of nanomaterials for different biomedical applications. Respected authors from around the world ...
    • Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change and What to Do about It 

      Diller, Vivian; Sukenick, Jill Muir (Hay House, 2011)
      Intellectually, we understand aging. So why does the first wrinkle or gray hair send us into an emotional tailspin? As smart women who were raised to believe that success and happiness are based on intelligence and ...
    • The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing 

      Ramon, Ray (Wiley Publishing, 2013)
      The guide for marketing a small business on Facebook The number one social networking site offers the opportunity to reach more than 350 million registered users with your advertising message. Owners of small and local ...
    • The Facebook Marketing Book 

      Zarrella, Dan; Zarrella, Alison (O'Reilly Media, 2011)
      As a marketer on Facebook, you’re there to do business and make money, not just make friends. It is vital that you track the performance of your efforts and how they relate to your company’s bottom line. Facebook allows  ...
    • Facial Flaps Surgery 

      Goldman, Glenn; Dzubow, Leonard; Yelverton, Christopher (McGraw-Hill Education, 2012)
      Facial Flap Surgery delivers ready-to-use insights making surgical protocols more accessible than ever. Combining a text and atlas, this two-in-one resource also features an all-inclusive, yet streamlined presentation that ...
    • Factor afecting speaking skill of first year English major at HPU 

      Lê, Thanh Huyền (Đại học Dân lập Hải Phòng, 2019)
      The study aims to explore the factor affecting English speaking of the first year English majors at HPU and suggest some main techniques which include the methods of strengthening the teaching of English speaking to help ...
    • Factors affecting Speaking skills in English of children 

      Nguyễn, Thị Hương Thảo (Đại học Dân lập Hải Phòng, 2020)
      The purpose of the study was to identify the factors affecting the speaking skills in English amongst children.
    • Factors effecting English speaking skill by first-year English majors at HaiPhong university of management and technology 

      Ngô, Thị Lan Phương (Đại học Quản lý và Công nghệ Hải Phòng, 2020)
      The study aims to explore the difficulties that the students at HaiPhong university of management and technology have encountered when practicing English speaking skills and factors that cause these difficulties. Besides, ...
    • The factory-free economy : outsourcing, servitization, and the future of industry 

      Fontagné, Lionel; Harrison, Ann E (Oxford University Press, 2017)
      An economic analysis of de-industrialization that considers the ongoing transformation of the industrial economies and the consequences for economic policy.
    • Facts And Figures 

      Ackert, Patricia (NXb. Trẻ, 2008)
      Facts and Figures của tác giả Patricia Ackert là một trong những giáo trình được sử dụng trong việc dạy và học kỹ năng đọc hiểu khá rộng rãi trên thế giới bởi nó có những ưu điểm như: các thông tin và thông số đưa ra có ...
    • The Facts on File Guide to Research, 2nd Edition (Facts on File Library of Language and Literature) 

      Lenburg, Jeff (Facts On File, 2010)
      The Facts On File Guide to Research, Second Edition is a general introductory volume that explains the art and methods of research and researching any topic, for any given purpose. Featuring valuable tips for beginners and ...
    • Failure : why science is so successful 

      Firestein, Stuart (Oxford University Press, 2015)
      The general public has a glorified view of the pursuit of scientific research. However, the idealized perception of science as a rule-based, methodical system for accumulating facts could not be further from the truth. ...
    • The Failure of Environmental Education 

      Saylan, Charles; Blumstein, Daniel T. (University of California Press, 2011)
      At a time when wild places everywhere are vanishing before our eyes, Charles Saylan and Daniel T. Blumstein offer this passionate indictment of environmental education—along with a new vision for the future. Writing for ...
    • Failures in Concrete Structures: Case Studies in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete 

      Whittle, Robin (CRC Press, 2012)
      Some lessons are only learned from mistakes but, it’s much cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to have to do so from your own. Drawing on over fifty years of working with concrete structures, Robin Whittle ...
    • Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment Law 

      Kläger, Roland (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
      A breach of fair and equitable treatment is alleged in almost every investor-state dispute. It has therefore become a controversial norm, which touches many questions at the heart of general international law. Roland Kläger ...
    • Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, water and wastewater engineering: hydraulics, distribution, and treatment 

      Shammas, Nazih K.; Wang, Lawrence K. (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2015)
      This book focus is on drinking water supply and treatment. Consequently, it devotes more depth to discussing water quality, quantity and pressure issues, problems related to emerging contaminants, water supply infrastructure, ...
    • The Faithful: A History of Catholics in America 

      O'Toole, James M. (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010)
      Shaken by the ongoing clergy sexual abuse scandal, and challenged from within by social and theological division, Catholics in America are at a crossroads. But is today’s situation unique? And where will Catholicism go ...
    • The Fall of the Euro: Reinventing the Eurozone and the Future of Global Investing 

      Nordvig, Jens (McGraw-Hill Education, 2013)
      As an investor, you need a roadmap. This book is that roadmap. The Fall of the Euro describes the Eurozone’s unstable equilibrium and explains why a breakup of the Eurozone is still a possibility. Nomura's global head ...
    • False Flags: Template for Terror 

      Piper, Michael Collins (Free Press, 2013)
      Falseflag(or blackflag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups ornations than those ...